Minsky is a successful property investment company that has developed its business expertise over three generations.

Today, we are dedicated to building our commercial property portfolio.

In the intervening years, we have developed and honed robust investment skills while maintaining the integrity that has been a feature of our business for more than one hundred years.

These characteristics, coupled with the expertise provided by selected professional advisers gives us absolute confidence in our decision making and in our ability to make every transaction a testament to our proficiency in property investment.

We may be small in size, but we are big in stature. We are sure-footed in our approach, thorough in our processes and utterly professional in our practices.

Be it retail or industrial, if we can see the value and the potential in the properties put before us, we'll place the full weight of our experience and expertise behind our decision to proceed with the purchase.

We act solely as principals. Which means that the only people we have to impress with our performance are you and of course, ourselves. And we consistently do!

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