Minsky is built on strong foundations.

Established in 1902, the Company has been shaped by the aspirations of the principals of each generation of the Minsky family.

Market trends played their part in this evolution too. And our directors have proved their worth, time and again, whenever they were called upon to direct the company's energies to a profitable path.

And so the Company has flourised from a wholesaler of textiles and trimmings to the fashion trade, to the successful property investment company it has become today.

The turning point for Minsky, that unequivocally established the Company as a property investment business, was the sale of our warehouse premises in 1998. This added to the very successful in-roads Minsky had already made into the property market and the realisation that the Company's resources could be employed even more successfully, if focused soley in this area. This transition was completed with the sale of the textile business in 2005.

Over the years, Minsky has established a way of conducting business, that has set a benchmark for each subsequent generation.

Integrity, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the market, together with a truly collaborative and proactive approach, are still the guiding principles that make Minsky stand out in our chosen sector. It's a heritage of which we're rightly proud.

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